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Jamie Oliver Chicken Fillet Recipe

Whole chicken is slathered with harissa and paprika in this recipe. Onions, chilli and garlic are roasted underneath, then blitzed up with all the delicious juices into a peri peri sauce. Served up with chunky chips, this is an epic riff on a classic.

jamie oliver chicken fillet recipe


Perfect poached chicken is tender, soft, juicy, and flavorful. Use our easy, straight-forward recipe for the best poached chicken breast or chicken thighs. Jump to the Poached Chicken Recipe

Poached chicken is tender, soft, juicy, and flavorful. Use our easy, straight-forward recipe for chicken breast or chicken thighs. You can use skin-on chicken and remove the skin before serving. The aromatics suggested in the recipe are a guide. Ginger, chili peppers, additional herbs, onion, fennel, and carrots are all excellent options.

Well, Master Spice certainly appreciated this curry. He loved it and even asked for seconds. I'm always delighted when I discover a recipe that one of my kids loves and at the moment this is certainly his favourite curry, along with my chicken tikka masala recipe!

I love how easy this chicken curry recipe looks. And I love Jamie Oliver! Going back to revisit recipes is something I do often as well. Finding curry leaves in my area is not easy but I would search them out for this because I love chicken curry. Good post!

My neighbors are from Bangladesh and they make the best chicken curry. I would be so hesitant to try to replicate it but your recipe looks like something I can manage. We love the flavor of curry and this dish sounds wonderful.

If you need to marinade the chicken for your recipe, a really quick and easy method is to pop the chicken and your marinade ingredients into a Lock & Lock box together with the flattened chicken breasts, shake the box like mad for 20 seconds and refrigerate for a few hours.

You can also use these recipes as an inspiration to create delicious new meals of your own. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are very versatile, easy to cook, inexpensive and they will never fail to please everyone at your table. Happy cooking!

This easy chicken and sweet potato recipe Jamie Oliver can be made quickly on the stovetop and then baked in the oven. It also comes with delectable honey butter and chipotle pan sauce that everyone will enjoy!

This easy chicken and sweet potato recipe by Jamie Oliver can be made quickly on the stovetop and then baked in the oven. It also comes with delectable honey butter and chipotle pan sauce that everyone will enjoy!

I recently received the Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals book as a gift. What a gift!! I am loving the quick and more importantly healthy recipes that are in it and they are all just packed with my kinds of flavour! I will be trying and testing and blogging the good ones for you. I tried this one last night. I was a bit worried about steaming buns and steaming chicken (!!) as I had never done that before but it was so exciting to see how it all just worked!

First time I've cooked an unrated dish and glad I did. I did as per recipe but concurrently. I seasoned the chicken 1 st. I am lazy so sliced thinly and was perhaps, over generous with the cayenne (sprinkled on) the lentils need salt. Took a relaxing 25 mins .hand Chop the tomatoes for texture. Thanks

This is one of the best chicken recipes I have EVER made. Super easy, and the leftovers are almost even better because it sits in all those delectable juices. Thank you for this! I used pre-minced garlic and all dried thyme and it was still delicious.

I tested this recipe and it taste bland to me. the lemon flavour hardly seep into the chicken. NOTE to beginner : after 25 mins, the chicken breasts are thoroughly cooked through with not much juices left and if it stay in for 5 or 10 more mins, it will be too overcooked.

Hello, I am new to the cooking world, so I have a question that may seem basic to many of you! I made the recipe this past week and my husband was happy with how it turned out! However, I did not do anything to the chicken while it was cooking. What do you recommend to use for basting? Thanks for the help!

The key to any chicken recipe is knowing how to brine a chicken. In this case, what you should know is how to brine chicken breast. Click on this post to find out what you need to do. Ultimately, brined chicken breasts will yield the best and juiciest results!

Tori Avey! Thank you for sharing the detailed images of the complete recipe process step by step. I would love to eat this yummy smoked paprika chicken often. Will share the making process of this mouth-watering dish recipe with my pals.

Heat 2 tablespoons of butter with 2 tablespoons of oil on medium-high until hot but not smoking, then pan fry 2 chicken fillets until golden, flipping once; remove and place on a plate lined with paper towels. Repeat with remaining butter, oil, and chicken fillets until all fillets are cooked, continuing to cook in batches of 2.

Add shallots and garlic to pan, lowering heat to medium, and cook until shallots are translucent and garlic is fragrant. Raise heat slightly and add white wine; scrape bottom of pan gently with a spoon to release fond. Allow wine to come to a simmer, then lower heat and cook uncovered until alcohol has cooked off. Stir in lemon juice, remaining 2 tablespoons of butter, capers, and parsley, thenseason with salt and pepper. Return chicken fillets to pan and simmer in sauce for about 5 minutes or until chicken is hot and sauce has thickened slightly.

A quick and easy way to cook chicken breast fillets. Simply by mixing a chicken stock cube with a little olive oil and making it into a smooth paste, you then coat the chicken with the paste before pan-frying.

This is a great way to pan-fry chicken and keep it moist. Maroc used a skin-on chicken fillet, but I couldn't get one with skin on. So I gave it a go anyway and the result was just the same. I thought the chicken might go dry but it didn't.

Hello Hannah! Yes, you can make it on the stovetop. To do that, saute on a skillet, add the sauce, and cook, covered until the chicken is cooked through and is no longer pink inside and the sauce has reduced. Thanks for your interest in my recipe. Please come back and let me know how you like it =)

Comment below or contact me if you have any questions. Of course, you may just want more chicken recipes, if that's the case you must try my Easy Italian Chicken with Potatoes and Rosemary which is a wonderful slow cooked chicken recipe.

Yes you can but the two recipes have slightly different oven temperatures. I'd use the higher oven temperature indicated for the potatoes and protect the chicken with foil for the first half of the cook then remove. In my oven, I'd place the potatoes on the rack above the chicken. However, every oven is different so I recommend you watch and adjust as needed. Also, the cooking times may differ because you have more in the oven - this happens with my oven so test the chicken with a thermometer.

I do recommend adding spices, as mentioned in the post, but the recipe is given as per Gordon's recipe in the book cited. It's in the style of Kentucky Fried Chicken, hence American is the specific inspiration, but there is already a section in the post about fried chicken having been around for a long time in various parts of the world - perhaps you missed it.

Tsp = teaspoon, yes. This is exactly as the recipe appear in Gordon Ramsay's book. It's not a spicy chicken coating but it's certainly no tasteless in my experience. You can of course add more spice if you wish.


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