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Alcort Sunfish Serial Number

If you still have this wooden sunfish sailboat I would like to purchase it please text me or email me back regarding your sailboat I would need it shipped to Somerset New York my cell phone number is 716-417-2123 my name is Mike

Alcort Sunfish Serial Number

2.3 Identification Marks. Sunfish sailboats built prior to 1970 have an identifyingserial number on a metal plate attached just forward of the daggerboard trunk. Sunfishsailboats built after 1970 are identified by the serial number on the transom. Sunfishparts (daggerboard, rudder, tiller and spars) manufactured after September, 1992 have aClass approved sticker attached. The Builder’s mark on the hull and the sticker onequipment may be considered evidence that the parts are supplied by the Builder. 076b4e4f54


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