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Taxi 5 YIFY

A young girl (Ingrid Rubio) no passing a degree exam , leaves university and cuts her hair , then her father (Angel Andrés López) puts her working as a taxi woman . Soon she discovers that her daddy is not only a driver but also a member of a racist group formed by other cab workers . They form a dangerous and xenophobe gang (Agata Lys , Eusebio Lázaro , Francisco Maestre) who are taking down immigrants , gays , transvestite , junkies and black people . Meanwhile , she falls in love with a young boy named Dani (Carlos Fuentes) , also a taxi-driver and a colleague of the fascist band , and son of Reme (Agata Lys).The film delivers a sour denounce against racism and xenophobia from a family perspective , concerning about a nasty band who is eliminating people they consider social scum . This issue was formerly treated by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón in his successful movie Camada Negra . This Saura film tried to create a sort of Spanish Neo-Realism by tackling the fascism and the extreme-right wing from a sociological point of view . Unlikely and non-sense screenplay by Santiago Rivero that has some flaws and gaps . It contains violent and crude scenes as well as improbable happenings . The story relies heavily on the love story of two protagonists . Nice acting from the two debuting actors , Carlos Fuentes and Ingrid Rubio who play and speak naturally . Ingrid Rubio stands out as the young girl who after failing an exam , is forced by her father , a taxi-driver, to learn his profession , she shines with her big eyes and spontaneity . Support cast is frankly excellent such as : Agata Lys , Angel Andres López , Francisco Maestre , Eusebio Lázaro , Rodolfo Sancho , Maite Blasco , Pilar Castro , among others . Special mention for the glamorous and brilliant cinematography by the great cameraman Vittorio Storaro , showing a mysterious Park of Retiro full of lights and shades at the end of the movie . And an evocative musical score plenty of Flamenco songs . The motion picture was well directed by Carlos Saura . The film won numerous prizes and nominations as Camerimage 1996 , Nominated Golden Frog Vittorio Storaro , San Sebastián International Film Festival 1996 Won Special Mention Ingrid Rubio , Nominated Golden Seashell Carlos Saura , Spanish Actors Union 1997 Won Newcomer Award Ingrid Rubio , Nominated Award of the Spanish Actors Union Film : Performance in a Minor Role Pilar Ordóñez . Saura is a well accepted director both nationally and internationally, and in proof of it he won many awards among which there are the following ones : Silver Bear in the Berlin Festival for La Caza or The Hunt (1966), his greatest success in 1965, and for Peppermint Frappé (1967), in 1967. Special Jury Awards in Cannes for La Prima Angélica (1974), in 1973, and for Cría Cuervos (1976) his second big hit , in 1975 . Also, the film Mamá Cumple 100 años (1979) got an Oscar nomination in 1979 as the best foreign film, and it also won the Special Jury Award at the San Sebastian Festival. Along his long career he has won several Goya awards as best adapted screenplay writer and best director.

Taxi 5 YIFY

This is a film that is strictly about character. Or should I say characters? A set of five little twenty minute films, set in and around taxi cabs, allowing the characters to interact and expose their loves and their fears, their baggage and their hopes. Each is strong or weak in its own way. The first, with Winona Ryder is, to me, the weakest, although I couldn't take my eyes off her. There is subtlety and a delicate touch to all of them. My favorite was the Finnish one. The most contrived and least human was the Italian one with Roberto Benigni. While it was outrageous, it was a long running gag, a kind of cruel joke. In the other the four, the people were interesting and accessible. Their lives were realistic and, in some ways, cruel, yet their stories moved us. All things considered, it is a unique idea and has enough to recommend it. Also, there's the music of Tom Waits. What more could you want.

During one night, taxi drivers in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome and Helsinki interact with their passengers while driving them to their destination. "Night on Earth" is a collection of five short stories with different genres, from comedy to drama, taking place in taxis along the same night. The storyline is absolutely original and supported by great international cast. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): "Uma Noite Sobre a Terra" ("One Night on Earth")

Screwball comedy is an art and in '39 Charles Brackett wrote a perfectly wonderful one for CLAUDETTE COLBERT and DON AMECHE called MIDNIGHT and directed by the talented Mitchell Leisen.Claudette is down to her last coin when she stumbles out of a taxi-cab driven by Don Ameche and strolls around Paris in the pouring rain in a gold lame dress, not exactly the picture of a girl down on her luck. But the fun begins when she crashes a party given by a bunch of socialites and has to pretend to be there as a member of high society. She calls herself a Baroness and before long, Ameche has caught up with her and goes along with her impersonation, calling himself a Baron.Of course, it takes many plot twists and turns for the whole story to come to an end, and by that time there are quite a few laughs provided by Claudette and company. JOHN BARRYMORE is in especially good comic form as a man who wants his wife (MARY ASTOR) to get rid of her lounge lizard boyfriend (FRANCIS LEDERER), who happens to fancy Claudette. REX O'MALLEY has a fey role as a house guest and the cast includes HEDDA HOPPER and MONTY WOOLLEY as an exasperated and befuddled judge.Claudette has her best role since IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT and makes the most of it. She schemes her way in and out of trouble with the disarming charm and ease of an actress who has worn many disguises before.Summing up: A very winning comedy that is a perfect example of screwball at its best.

The "Hideously Deformed Monster Hero with Superhuman Size and Strength" returns to combat a new enemy, Apocalypse Incorporated, who have designs on destroying Tromaville, turning it into a toxic dump, returning pollutants to the environment. But, he is convinced by his shrink(..who works for Apoc Inc)to seek out his father's whereabouts in Tokyo, Japan, with Tromaville's citizens falling prey to Apoc Inc's army of malicious foot soldiers. Will Toxie find pops and return home to save the day? Or, will Apoc Inc rule Tromaville for good? Inferior sequel to THE TOXIC AVENGER, is incredibly silly in a cartoonish way, maintaining the gore quotient including plenty of nudity and foul behavior. The film has the novelty of being set in Tokyo for a large portion of the running time, milking the fish-out-of-water formula for all it's worth as locals often stare in disbelief and fear as Toxie walks the streets seeking out the identity of his supposed father, getting help from a girl he saved from sexual assault. Toxie runs into a series of altercations with villains who work for a mob boss he mistakes for his father. The film shows Tromaville's citizens(..including the elderly, blind, and children)being accosted by the evil minions of Apoc Inc.Unlike the previous film, the sequel is narrated by Toxie( annoyance in my opinion that wasn't needed)throughout. The film is essentially an ultra-violent slapstick comedy adventure with Toxie punching holes into faces, crushing bodies, ripping limbs off, the works. There are explosions, a high speed chase where Toxie commands a taxi driver to pursue a biker with a bomb, and even martial arts battles where our hero duels with Japanese thugs on Tokyo streets. The ability of directors Kaufman and Herz to find people with hideous acting is unprecedented for they succeed in casting plenty of Japanese who are just as terrible as their American counterparts. Plenty of bug-eyes and overacting, and, you betcha, not one, but TWO transvestites(..Toxie even tangles with one in Japan, who taunts him as our hero attempts to walk away)who get pummeled for their troubles. I'm happy I had the chance to see the sequel uncut for the first time, the way Herz and Kaufman intended. Seeing Toxie in Japan is as odd as the scene where Jason Voorhies stands in the middle of Times Square..that alone is worth checking this sequel out if you are a Troma fan.

I spent the beginning trying to guess which country in South America the movie was going on, as if I knew something about it, I found the approach interesting, but not very captivating, uncharismatic characters, unattractive script, everyday scenes, but that doesn't hold us back, as the good scene of the assault on the taxi, moreover, regular... 041b061a72


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