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Buy Cabinet Boxes [WORK]

Elias Woodwork provides a full custom solution to all of your kitchen and bath remodeling needs with our Assemble On Site (AOS Elite) line of Cabinet boxes. Our European style frameless cabinet boxes are available in standard white furniture board or UV finished birch plywood with two assembly options, custom sized to 1/16". Our cabinet boxes are designed to accommodate any new remodel or refacing project for the kitchen and bath industry. Available in any width, height or depth, they allow you to create a custom kitchen without the added expenses of creating your own cabinet boxes or shipping fully assembled ones. This in turn provides an economical edge for more competitive pricing.

buy cabinet boxes

We offer numerous styles and collections. We have painted wood doors (collections: The Minimalist, Slab Door, Modern White Paint), real wood (collections: The Woodsman, Panel Door, Plain Sawn Walnut, Natural Finish), the standard (Slab Door, Rift White Oak or CVG Fir, Natural Finish), the craftsman (Panel Door, Clear Vertical Grain Fir, Natural Finish), textured laminate (The Slabtown, Slab Door, Textured Laminate), and townsend (the newest from Kokeena, the Townsend Home Collection features an organic selection of nature-inspired neutrals. A curated collection of blue and green hues and their go-to color staples for kitchen cabinetry).

The Reform cabinets feature MFC, a TSCA/CARB-certified material, which has been produced through sustainable and responsible methods. The leading edges are 1 mm ABS, and the side, top and bottom boards have a robust thickness of 18 mm while the back panel has been fortified with additional thickness. As an added benefit, the cabinets are manufactured as flatpack items, which optimizes space management during shipping and makes transportation more sustainable.

BOXI is the first and only American-built cabinet system for every room in the house that can be ordered from the comfort of your sofa. With BOXI, you can fulfill your renovation dreams without the high cost of custom millwork (and never visit a Big Box store in the process)!

BOXI cabinets are built in the Pacific Northwest with parts supplied by the best manufacturers in the US and abroad. Customers should feel good knowing that BOXI doors are made from discarded plastic bottles, or PET, which is a durable surface film that is 100% recyclable.

We provide custom cabinet doors for cabinet refacing and IKEA cabinets. We manufacture made-to-order painted cabinet doors, drawer faces, cover panels & trim, dovetail drawer boxes and floating shelves, and provide hinges and drawer glides. We do not at this time make full cabinet boxes. All of our products are 100% custom made and are ready to install on existing cabinets, or substitute into your install in place of IKEA fronts.

We specialize in painted cabinet doors and offer 16 door styles in 14 designer-curated colors. For the ever-popular shaker cabinet doors, we offer 10 variations of the timeless shaker to suit every design taste from ultra-modern to traditional and provide a space that looks and feels completely custom.

All of our products are CARB2 compliant, made from MDF which is a recycled wood product. Cabinet refacing inherently enables sustainability by keeping your existing cabinet boxes and just replacing the doors and drawer faces, so the process reduces waste from home improvements.

Question for you! I am about to redo uppers. We have black lowers and a huge black island. If I want wood uppers, would Ikea boxes not be a good choice since you will see the boxes and the faces are different? I want the boxes to be as beautiful as real wood doors. Thanks so much!!

Unfortunately, IKEA kitchen cabinet bases are extremely backordered (and have been for the last year or so). Perhaps this post will be more useful in another year or two when supply chains hopefully get back to some kind of normalcy.

Thank you for this!!! We have our IKEA boxes and are trying to decide on what cabinet fronts to order- leaning toward semi handmade because it is so user friendly but I have been waiting for someone to make a list of all the pros and cons!! This is very helpful!

We got a quote for semi-custom cabinets for the kitchen and were able to do all the cabinets in the kitchen, bar, laundry room and 4 bathrooms for less than the quote for just the semi-custom kitchen.

We are in the Toronto area. Three years ago, we wanted some walnut doors for a few of our Ikea cabinets. We checked out the official cab door making companies like Semihandmade and others, but ended up asking a local cabinet maker to make them for us. He agreed, the doors were perfect and nowhere near as expensive. Just maybe an option to consider.

Some Ikea kitchen DIYers have complained that the melamine-fronted doors get dinged and chipped much sooner than expected. To avoid your drawers and cabinet doors from eventually looking shabby, one DIYer suggests installing all the base cabinetry from Ikea but instead getting all-wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts from a custom cabinetry store.

Our RTA Cabinetry by Conestoga is custom made, not imported, or pulled from stock. Choose from an incredible selection of doors, finishes, and options, including custom sizes at no upcharge! Looking for inset cabinetry? No problem!

Whether you are building an affordable first home or the home of your dreams, Wellborn Cabinet has options that allow you to create exactly what you want in every room of your home. All levels of Wellborn cabinetry, whether it is Select standard doors & drawer fronts, cabinet boxes, Estate construction doors & drawer fronts, and cabinet boxes are durable and beautiful. Some are just built stronger than others.

The first decision you need to make when buying home cabinetry is to select which type of cabinetry you want: framed or frameless cabinetry. Then choose the construction level within that cabinet type that is aligned with your needs and meets your budget.

This section will introduce the two types of cabinetry Wellborn offers, Frameless and Framed, and will get into cabinet construction and what you should look for when picking out home cabinets. When deciding which construction level and type of cabinetry you want, you need to evaluate several features. These factors affect the durability of the cabinetry; face frame, door fronts, door frames, drawer construction, drawer fronts, glides, braces, backs, end panels, cabinet interiors, shelving, hinges, door materials and finish.

Framed cabinets should have a 3/4-inch solid wood face frame. The doors are attached to the cabinet face frame with hinges. The solid wood cabinet face frame increases the strength and stability of the cabinet door making framed cabinets sturdier and more durable than frameless cabinetry. Wellborn offers a wide variety of framed door styles for you to choose from.

Frameless (euro style) cabinetry is more contemporary in style. Frameless cabinet box construction provides more storage space as pull-out shelves and drawers can be wider without the face frame in the way. Aspire's full access cabinet door styles cover the entire box, leaving only a 2 mm reveal on the front of the cabinet that creates a sleek, seamless appearance. Visit our frameless cabinet door explorer to see all the door styles available at Wellborn Cabinet. Read more about framed vs. frameless cabinets in our blog.

When purchasing either overlay or inset cabinetry, plywood cabinet boxes with solid wood face frames, are stronger and the most durable. Home Concept cabinets feature furniture board boxes and cabinet doors with laminate center panels. Cabinet door stiles and rails should be solid wood and the cabinet should feature I-Beams and not corner gussets or corner braces. Wellborn uses I-Beams on our framed cabinets because they make a cabinet stronger.

Dovetail construction has always been known as the strongest, most durable method to craft drawers. Our 5/8-inch solid hardwood dovetail drawer box comes standard with full extension undermount soft close drawer slides in our Premier, Estate, and Elegant Bath lines. Dovetail drawers are available as an option in our Home Concepts and Select Series. Purchase base cabinets that come with full-depth adjustable shelves or pullout shelves over ones with 1/2 depth shelves to attain 25% more storage space in each base cabinet.

Wellborn cabinets offer semi-custom and custom You Draw It cabinetry that arrives ready to install. Each piece has passed through Wellborn Cabinet quality inspectors as each piece is being cut, sanded, painted, and assembled, this allows us to assure the quality of the cabinetry before it is placed in the box with protective corners and packing. Check out our basic cabinet terminology guide to familiarize yourself with terms you might hear while working with your local Wellborn Dealer.

Wellborn Cabinets are constructed of the following wood species: Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Cherry. Wellborn also offers Character Cherry and Character Maple door materials for people who like rustic-looking one-of-a-kind cabinets. MDF Cabinetry is also available in painted finishes. MDF produces a smooth, glossy, luxurious painted finish. The durability and the cost savings of this tough wood product are a plus if you are looking for painted cabinetry.

You cannot leave mop water, dishwasher water, or liquid spills around the toe kicks, end panels and back panels of your base MDF or furniture board cabinets as these materials are susceptible to damage from water absorption. Aspire Cabinetry is available in Matte, High Gloss, Embossed Melamine, and Heavy Textured Melamine Decorative Laminate Veneers. These Decorative Laminate Veneers have an MDF particle core and a laminate cover layer, the joining of these materials creates a strong cabinet material. Ready to talk to a professional with answers? Contact your local Wellborn Dealer!

According to IKEA, a SEKTION kitchen system is described as a fully built-in, frameless kitchen cabinet system. In other words, a SEKTION system is a frameless, all-in-one base cabinet, which can be fitted with a single, unbroken piece of countertop, and mixed or matched with a variety of different cabinet styles, sizes and shapes. 041b061a72


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