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[S7E4] The Year Of The Slow Invasion

A year after their arrival, the cubes start to activate, scanning information networks and act in self-defence. The Doctor fears this was a "slow invasion", and goes with Amy to UNIT while Rory and Brian help at the hospital. All the cubes are now showing the same countdown timer. When they reach zero, the cubes open, but appear empty; however, massive numbers of cardiac arrest cases are reported, killing about a third of humanity. Kate finds the boxes emitted a signal traced to seven sites across the globe, including the hospital Rory works at.

[S7E4] The Year Of The Slow Invasion

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Radio Times reviewer Patrick Mulkern described it as "beautifully made television" and welcomed Kate as a "wonderful addition". However, he stated that he did not "entirely buy the Doctor's solution".[20] Keith Phipps of The A.V. Club graded the episode as a B+. Despite noting the plot was "fairly standard" and "easily foiled", he wrote that the concept of the cubes and "slow invasion" was "a cleverly executed bit of business".[2] IGN's Matt Risley rated "The Power of Three" a score of 8 out of 10, writing that the first three quarters were "simply brilliant" because of the emotion and humour. However, he criticised the "rushed resolution" and the lack of explanation for the aliens at the hospital.[28] Digital Spy reviewer Morgan Jeffery gave the episode four out of five stars, describing it as "an emotional, fun and involving Doctor Who episode" despite the disappointing resolution.[29]

From Day of the Triffids to Invasion of the body snatchers, the home invasion is a staple of sci-fi horror, and with this year's episodes all taking place in fantastic far away places, to have one set on present day Earth brought the fear close to home. The six (seven) sided objects mysteriously appear one day littered across the planet, perplexing the populace, UNIT, and most frighteningly of all, the Doctor.

Loosely based on the Norse and Icelandic sagas, Vikings began around the year 793 and explored a period of several decades thereafter. Initially focusing on the legendary Viking ruler Ragnar Lothbrok, the focus shifted to Ragnar's sons after he was killed off in season 4. In Vikings season 6, Ragnar's first-born son Bjorn Ironside campaigned to become King of Norway and fought off an invasion by the Rus (who were joined by Bjorn's brothers, Hvitserk and Ivar). Meanwhile, Ragnar's second-oldest son Ubbe led a group of settlers across the sea in search of a rumored "Golden Land" - known today as North America. 041b061a72


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