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Buy Exclusive Hip Hop Beats

When buying exclusive rap beats for commercial usage and you make a hit song, you get to share royalties from these beats and rap instrumentals and profit from it. Get listed with ASCAP and BMI and make a commercial recording. Use our exclusive beats & instrumentals to gain the notoriety of seasoned professionals in the Music Business with production credits. Email us for licensing info or if you need a custom made beat.

buy exclusive hip hop beats

EXCLUSIVE BEATS Become the sole owner of unused beats Each beat in this store is 100% exclusive. That means these are beats that no one has ever used, or will ever use! Once you buy exclusive beats, they are yours and all voice tags will be removed.

Why would you choose to buy exclusive beats instead of a regular lease ? With an exclusive beat you have more freedom to create, arrange and then distribute your music and then earn money from it. Limitations of leasing beats make the the leasing option great for small and free projects but if your plan is to shine in the music industry, you must consider buying exclusive beats for your next song.

All my beats available on my Beats For Sale page are sold non-exclusively, meaning they can be sold to multiple people. However, you can still buy the full exclusive rights to these beats. Prices starts at 99$, contact me for more details.

When you buy an exclusive, you have full ownership and you get a license of ownership from me. It will not be for sale anymore. You can also use it for synchronization for a movie or a video game and remix it as you want. Check out the Terms page for more details.

Trying to stay original on every instrumental, I rarely use uncleared samples and I like to not do like everyone else . I like dark style beats and beat switches to add changes to the track and never sound the same.

Apart from this you also have a wide range of beats for sale and beat bundles to choose from. The 4 for 1 deal is still going on along with other beat packs to make sure my customers get the most bang for the buck.

All beats and licenses are royalty-free unlimited licenses and immediately available to you after purchase, but even if you decide not to license any beats, you can still hang out, freestyle, or improve your writing for free!

Apart from all this, our beats have been used by countless major and minor artists across the globe. In fact, I sold more than 8k licenses to artists and generated more than 100 million song plays for myself and those artists.

Popular names and companies that used my beats are Obie Trice, Philly Freeway, Netflix (Jiva!), Sky Television (Devils), Flawless Real Talk, Struggle Jennings, Overtime, Sik World, Cryptic Wisdom, and many many more.

You purchase a license (also known as a non-exclusive lease) granting you the rights to use our beats in your songs or videos. You can then release your songs for sale to all platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

There are no refunds or exchanges on beats as they are digital not physical products. Please make sure to choose carefully before making a purchase. We are always available to answer questions through our Live Chat App or Email from our contact page.

When it comes to your music sales with digital retailers like Apple Music and Spotify and physical cd copies, use our Royalty-Free beats will put 100% of the sales revenue in your pocket! Our instrumentals are priced affordably and we frequently offer deals! Save a ton of $ on music production costs by shopping for instrumental beats at MaxxBeats.

The Rap Beats and Instrumental Beats Game is forever changing and for 2023, we're right on track with the genre's especially high quality Trap Beats and rap beats for sale. We sell beats and have free beats from Hardcore Rap Beat, Trap Beats to West Coast, R&B and even Country Beats, either exclusive or non exclusive mp3 lease beats with instant delivery we have it all covered.

Each month, we usually add 50 new beats and 5-10 free beats and hip hop instrumentals in every genre. 20DollarBeats has become a well known name in cities all around the USA and the world. With the best prices and buying beats online plus top hip hop producers, it's no wonder our customers keep coming back over and over. Be sure to listen to as many rap beats and hip hop beats & instrumentals as you can. We've also added a new collection called sad rap beats. Our Trap Beats are very popular with social media users. Get a 100% original Trap Beat and use it on spotify to get some exposure.

In this section, we've selected a few rap beat instrumental that we feel should be featured. These trap instrumentals are considered some of our top production background music. With many genres to choose from, browse beats or buy trap beats like Rae Sremmurd, trap music type Fetty Waps and more. We sell and give away free beats like Travis Scott type rap beats, Kevin Gates, Migos and Sean Type and Kendrick Lamar beats. We even have dance music, trap beat instrumental, trap music & pop beats as well as instrumental rap beats with hooks, boom bap in our beat store. The most Popular beats are trap beats so if you do trap music and like the dirty south rap instrumental thats for you. Get unlimited use rights and use them on social media for monetized streams unlimited to boost your online reach. Don't forget to see our popular beats and trap beats sections. They are the most visited pages. Get exclusive rap beats too from the exclusive page or our exclusive beats site. If you are looking for free hip hop beats or to test drive some of our beats for sale, or get a custom backing track, contact us at 800-803-7106 or you can get some for free by going here to: free beats download

Founded in 2006, 20DollarBeats has sold over 250,000 music backing tracks, beats and instrumentals to over 200,000 happy customers. We have over 25,000 backing tracks & beats for sale made by 7 experienced music producers to help you jump start your music career. We make buying beats easy because we cover every style and genre like trap beats and R&B to dirty south, Reggae beats, East Coast beats, west coast beats to Tropical house, reggaeton beats and Future type beats are available as track out wav files by request.

These Premium beats are regularly $40.00 each. You can save over 60% off by using this link to buy our music online. These instrumental hip hop beats (musical composition) are also available as exclusive beats which come as a tracked out lease and premium 24bit wav files which is different than the basic lease mp3 when you buy a rap instrumental beat online. If you are a serious recording artist, this is the license agreement option you need.

Request the price and availability on the contact page to find out more about instrumental rap beats with unlimited lease options or about any trap instrumentals songs listed for social media use. When you buy rap beats on line from our premium section, they are not exclusive nor do they come with stems. They are just higher priced hip hop rap beats of higher production value. There is an additional fee for stems and exclusive rights. Please contact us for more hip hop rap beats and if you're looking to buy rap beats online with us for custom freestyle rap beats, boom bap, east coast, hip hop instrumental beats, freestyle rap instrumental music beat or just background music. After purchase you receive instant delivery of your digital files as links to download.

Our vocal music can be bought or leased for apps like the spotify app, You Tube, iTunes and more. The music composed here are from top producers with over 30 years experienced combined. Many find our instrumental beats the best way to get noticed with very limited budgets and make a hit song with a licensed beat. Some have beautiful piano progressions, or have real musical instruments in them and others are easy listening or just ambient music. We are currently building up our library to offer guitar backing tracks.

At 20DollarBeats, we do not accept music from the public. We are a tight group of producers and have been making quality beats for many years. If you want to become a member of our team, you can request a sample of your work to be heard and we will consider adding you. If you know one of our producers personally and they recommend you, you can be sure we'll hear your work and possibly add you to the team if you qualify. If you qualify we'll send you the info to get started. You would need to make at least 10 instrumental beats per month. If they are sold exclusively, you would need to be able to provide all the stem files for the beat.

Instrumental beats You can get free instrumentals on our free beats page. Keep in mind that free does not mean copyright free. The free instrumental beats we offer still have the same lease term agreements as any of our other non exclusive beats and the producer still owns the right to the music. You would still need to credit us as the producers of the music. i.e. Music by: Contact us for beat licensing options.

When you buy beats online with me, I think of it more as a partnership rather than just a transaction. You are taking your hard-earned money to invest in your career and mine, so having open communication and a quality partnership is very important to me.

Yes, if you own a non-exclusive license, you can upgrade your license to any higher license type if exclusive rights are still available and have not been sold yet. Please contact me via email, as for license upgrades, I will credit the amount you have already paid, and deduct it from the price for the desired license.

Welcome to Beats by Simonsayz website, one of the best place to buy beats online. Browse a selection of lease beats of several genres: Trap beats, Hip Hop Beats, Rap Beats, Drill Beats, Boom bap beats, R&B beats and more! We offer a huge variety of unique and original beats for rappers, singers, music artists, labels and creators. Sell your songs as singles, albums, mixtapes or video projects. Even beats for music videos or soundtracks for film tv or video games are an option. 041b061a72


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