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Typically they visit the feeders noisily, fit as much food as possible in their throat sacks, and leave quickly to cache their bounty. My favorite foods to use are whole peanuts, as Blue Jays are one of the only birds that can crack open the shells to access the inside! You can also use sunflower seeds and corn to attract them.

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I am so upset that the coach of my daughter, second one, to go through a very extended tenue of a seasoned coach continues to treat players with a lack of respect and undermining ridicule. Being a graduate and ex-player under this same coach I am deeply upset and mortified that her biased behavior and demenior continues today. Her bullying tactics along with input from her inexperienced husband who sits along side of her during the games mortifies me and makes my stomach turn with each game. She continues to belittle the players. No one acknowledges the alligations or takes them to heart because this coach, not only coaches 2 major sports but is also athletic director. She is looked upon by all that see her as a advisary to sports , but in reality she is the biggest bully on the planet. She can not stand or relish the thought that younger players coming up know more or have experienced more than she has ever had the privlige of experienceing in her little small town where she grew up. The world is changing , yet she is a dinosaur and refuses to become extinct or even acknowledge the change.Not only does she try to belittle and humiliate the star and experienced players that are blessed in front of her , but she and her husband go so far as destroying these athletes belief in themselves so they are never able to achieve their God given potiential to suceed not only as great athletes ,but as productive citizens in their community. Who puts glory in themselves by making others doubt themselves? How low can you be as a so called educator and role modle can you be?Our children are our lifeline to exsistance and people like this coach not only put these young adolesents in jeapordy , but our own community and social citizenship is destined for failure.

In a situation like this if the parents are afraid just imagine how their children feel. Coaches are suppose to be leaders, role models and someone who set a good example for their player. Not only can this type of behavior diminish motivation, confidence, self-esteem, but it can also encourage other players to act out in this manner. Is only a matter of time until a select few players begin bullying other players, losing emotional control during games, or throwing tantrums such as arguing with the refs.


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