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How to create realistic materials in Vray for Sketchup | ArchiCGI

you can access the materials properties of the sketchup model from vismat for sketchup by clicking on the icon . you can then see the appearance of the material in the sketchup viewport, and you can change the color of the material at any time.

Vismats for V-Ray SketchUp

the vismat key features are material binding and material library. material binding allows us to sync materials between sketchup and vismat. the most advanced material settings are saved in the material library so we can easily select and apply the same settings from vismat to sketchup.

by default, materials are bound to the diffuse color of the material. you can change that setting by clicking on the check box "render the diffuse color of the material with the sketchup material editor". sketchup is a non-destructive modeling tool, so it does not matter where the materials are bound.

once youve imported your image into sketchup, it should automatically convert it to a 3d object. this is a good time to make sure that the image is selected and then go to the file menu and select save image as. select jpg or png as the file type and give the file a descriptive name.

if you dont want the image to be saved with your sketchup project, you can export it using the export to menu. if you want to continue saving the image, select the export to option and go through the pop-up window as shown in the figure below. you can preview the image to see if the settings are correct and then export the image.

the material you just created is now ready for your sketchup project. you can always come back to the material in the material browser and change settings as needed. to open the material browser, go to the right-click menu and select materials and materials properties, as shown in the figure below.


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