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Mitosis Coloring Homework Key

This coloring worksheet describes each stage of the cell cycle and has a graphic to color according to the instructions. Students label each phase and answer questions about the events of each stage and various structures, like the centrioles and spindle.

mitosis coloring homework key


Cell division includes a very important process called MITOSIS where the nucleus creates a copy of all of its DNA so that each new cell is an exact copy of the parent cell and contains the exact same number of chromosomes. The cell cycle has five phases, but mitosis (nuclear) division occurs in four steps: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. A phase called interphase is not actually part of mitosis, but is the resting phase that the cell is in when it is not dividing.

1. Interphase. A cell spends most of its time in this "in between" phase performing cell activities like cellular respiration, osmosis, and for plant cells, photosynthesis. During this phase, the DNA is uncoiled and is called chromatin. A pair of centrioles are present (but inactive in the cytoplasm) and the nucleolus is visible. At this time the cell grows, the DNA replicates, and organelles grow in preparation for cell division. Color the centrioles red and the nuclear membrane yellow. Shade the chromatin blue. 2. Prophase. This is the first step of mitosis. The nuclear membrane breaks apart and the chromatin condenses into chromosomes. The centrioles form a star shaped structure called the aster and a spindle forms between them. Color the aster pink and the spindle green . In all of the rest of the cell phases, these will be the same color.


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