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Van Life: Your Home On The Road

More and more, people of all generations--from millennials to baby boomers--are taking a break from conventional life for the freedom, tranquility, and adventure of being on the road and living in a converted vintage truck, camper, or van. One of these van-dwellers, Foster Huntington, created the #vanlife hashtag as he chronicled his adventures of living in a van and driving it across the country. He tapped into a community of like-minded individuals looking to explore nature at their own pace and live a debt-free lifestyle. Van Life showcases the best crowd-sources photographs from Foster's social media accounts--many of which have never been posted or seen before. Organized into sections like Volkswagen vans, American vans, converted vans, school buses, and more, the selection of photos includes shots of the unique vehicles and the beautiful locations they've been parked. From stunning beaches to dramatic mountains and picturesque forests, and with fully designed interiors with kitchens and sleeping quarters, this stunning array of life-on-the-road-possibilities might just be enough to get you to pack up your things and hit the highway. Also included are informative and topical interviews with solo travelers, couples, and families who are living this new American dream.

Van Life: Your Home on the Road

Standard home insurance protects your home and belongings. Manufactured home insurance, also known as mobile home insurance (if constructed before June 15, 1976), is like home insurance with some key differences.

The cost of the mobile home insurance policy you create will depend on the coverage limits and deductibles you choose. When living in a van or mobile home full-time, there are also several add-on options available. These will include everything from medical payment coverage to emergency roadside assistance, and depend on your coverage.

Work one-on-one with an experienced insurance agent from Bethany Insurance to get all the specifics for your home on wheels and find the best deal on manufactured home insurance. We provide complete insurance solutions to clients near Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Azusa, Monrovia, and Chino Hills.

A longing for adventure and the freedom to go wherever the heart desires fuels the van life movement. Whether as a long-term lifestyle choice or a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, living in a van or camping outdoors is a popular way to travel the world and gain new experiences. As freeing as the nomadic experience may be, the simple act of cooking can suddenly seem like quite a challenge. With the right snacks and recipes, life-on-the-go can be enjoyed just as deliciously as at home! Keep reading and learn how you can easily prepare tasty food while on the road.

From letting in the natural light, keeping the larger items on the perimeter of the space and editing down your collection decor and personal items, the design tricks that work in a traditional small space also work inside your van home. When choosing colors, consider lighter floors and add pops of color through decor and the textures you bring into the van.

A life on the road means reducing your living space and the items that you have to what will fit within the van. Being organized is the key to making it all work. In cabinets, use dividers, small bins or even boxes. so that more items will fit inside. Not only will this help with organization, but keeps items from sliding around while driving.

Another option for sleeping in your van is to book a spot at a campground. Since most campgrounds cost money and most vanlifers prefer to limit expenses, staying at paid campsites is usually more of a once-in-awhile thing. But campgrounds often have amenities like flush toilets and showers, and may even have laundry and wifi available, so they can be a nice break from the road on occasion.

Every van lifer does showering a bit differently. Some try to get a shower in at least every couple days. Others may go a week or longer without showering. Whatever your preferences, there are plenty of options for taking showers on the road.

Are you worried about taking the leap to van life without a financial cushion? Consider doing everything you can to build up some savings before you move into your van. This can give you some time to get used to life on the road and figure out a way to make regular income, without the pressure of needing funds to buy groceries and put gas in your van.

During van life, your van is quite literally your everything. Your car, your home, your kitchen, your bedroom, your garbage, and in some cases your bathroom. So it goes without saying that taking care of your home on wheels is of the utmost importance, but as a newbie you may be asking yourself how to take care of your van during van life?

A van breakdown is something I have worried about constantly when preparing for my trip and I still do now that I am out on the road. But I found by taking good care of your van and having the right tools, resources and knowledge you can greatly reduce your risk of a nightmare breakdown. Below are 7 great ways to take care of your van during vanlife.

Before heading out on a long-term van life voyage, you must get a full inspection and servicing of your vehicle. This way, you can identify any significant issues well before your departure and can fix those issues in a timely fashion or push back your adventure. Having your van inspected and serviced gives your automobile a clean bill of health before heading out on the road.

Say your worst nightmare is upon you. Your van breaks down on the side of the road, and you have no idea what is wrong. Having a AAA membership can save your butt by towing you to the nearest approved auto repair facility.

Looking for free campgrounds is just a part of van life. Unfortunately, many of these campgrounds are located on unpaved BLM lands, some of which may be unsuitable for your vehicle. Before attempting to enter an offroad area, you should check the site for signage regarding recommended drivetrain (four-wheel drive / two-wheel drive) and clearance (lowest part of your vehicle) required to navigate the road safely.

We also love Vanlife Diaries: Finding Freedom on the Open Road. It is packed full of stunningly beautiful photos combined with interviews with vanlifers who give advice about breaking free and hitting the open road in your van.

Cook your delicious meals wherever you are. Sit & unwind on the beach watching the stars.Gaze & Witness the most breathtaking sunrise, sunset at Haleakala windswept southern slopes while sipping your warm homemade cup of coffee or tea.BONUS: Royal Blue, Cloud 9 & Whitey Ford Campervans have a Solar Panel, batteries & inverter for complete OFF GRID living. A refrigerator is available at checkout.

As we begin a new year, Allie and I have been talking about our future RV and travel plans. We have been discussing bringing the RV back out on the road again. After two years of having a home-base in Oregon, we find ourselves missing the anticipation and excitement that comes with exploring new places, and bringing our home along with us to do that. We have learned a lot about living in our home on wheels during our time being stationary, including how to better care for our RV, how to live and work full-time together in our small space, and about how to live in different climates and seasons in our RV. 041b061a72


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