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Greasemonkey Script For Netflix 19

It allows its users to customize and enhance the functionality of your favorite web pages. Userscripts are small JavaScript programs that can be used to add new features or modify existing ones on web pages. With Tampermonkey, you can easily create, manage, and run these userscripts on any website you visit.

greasemonkey script for netflix 19


Additionally, Tampermonkey makes it easy to find and install userscripts created by other users. This means that you can quickly and easily access a vast library of customizations and enhancements for your favorite web pages, without having to spend hours writing your own code.

The Tampermonkey's popup is useful for quickly and easily managing installed userscripts. In some browsers you have to manually pin the icon to see it all the time.It allows users to enable or disable scripts, view the status of scripts, and start update checks without leaving the current page.This makes it easy for users to control the behavior of their installed userscripts and customize their browsing experience.Furthermore the number of running scripts is displayed as small number right at the extension icon near the address bar. ( video tutorial)

Tampermonkey's dashboard shows a clear overview of the scripts that are installed.You can see when they were updated the last time, if they do have a homepage, you can sort them and many more... ( video tutorial)

Automatic updates can help to keep you userscripts secure by automatically installing the latest security patches and updates. It can also help to maintain compatibility by automatically installing the latest updates for web page changes. You will also automatically benefit from latest features and enhancements added.You can setup how often the scripts will be checked for updates.

Browsers don't vet user scripts the same as most extensions. So, use scripts at your own risk. The scripts featured here have a significant user base and have proven to be relatively safe. However, there's no guarantee when it comes to overall safety.


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